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Diamond Cut

Product Code: Diamond Cut1
Diamond Cut


  • 48 entirely unique days that are progressive in function, periodization and intensity
  • Nutrition, training and cardio optimization using proven methods for Women's Bikini or Mens Physique competitions
  • Video exercise demonstrations for every exercise
  • Simplified nutrition with templates, Macro specific calculations, food lists and my personal support
  • Private group support is provided with many others that have done or are doing the program
  • No gimmicky tricks for sodium or water manipulations, no diuretics or other extremes. This is a science based program developed to get you as lean as possible as healthy as possible.
  • Styling suitable for advanced only
  • This program is not for every day fitness. This programs intent was to provide the user with the ability to get as lean as their metabolism will allow. It was initially created for Bikini or Men's Physique competitors, but it may also be used for those wanting to get into their best shape for a wedding, vacation, or event of their choosing.


This program is macro nutrition specific. If you have chosen low carb/calorie nutrition and/or high cardio, Diamond Cut will not progress you as hoped. The nutrition specifies that you initially start with-

  • Your personal body weight in pounds multiplied by 1.5 for carb grams
  • BW x 0.8 proteins for Females. BW x 0.9 for Males
  • BW x 0.35 for fats

If you have been eating less than this, you will not have ideal progress because you will have adapted your metabolism down. There is no magic program or meal plan. Our fat loss ability is only as strong as our metabolism. If you nutrition intake is less than the initial recommendations, it is advised that you reverse diet and do 1-2-3 Grow!! to adapt your body to needing more total nutrition to sustain life. Once you have reversed and adapted your metabolism appropriately, your body will then respond favorably to the formatting of Body Earned: Diamond Cut.

In Depth-

This is a full on shred you out program that was built for bikini competitors and physique competitors. However, it can be used for people wanting to really look their absolute best for weddings, vacations or just because they want to.

Diamond Cut is not for the faint of heart. This is not for people looking to lose 30-50 or more pounds. This is not for people that feel insecure with their way around the gym or that struggle meeting their nutrition needs.

This is for people that are very disciplined with nutrition, want to push their limits with their workouts to that next level. This is for Ladies that maintain 15-25% body fat or Males that maintain 8-15% body fat that want to get shredded. This program will test you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Nutrition is macro based and it changes weekly. Cardio also progresses and changes weekly. This program is setup so that you don't plateau at all, you just shred.

The program incorporates a 10 week dieting phase for a lean out and then a 7 week reverse. Our bodies adapt for homeostasis so it is absolutely vital that you view your competition day as your mid point and not the end. Dieting will bring about a down regulation of your metabolism where your body learns to become efficient for energy demands with less food. It is imperative that you take a similar dieting and training approach out of a competition so that you limit unwanted body fat gains. If you reverse out of the program appropriately, you'll find that you will be able to retain the vast majority of your leanest state.

James emphasizes that this program is not for everyone and is not a lifestyle program. Use wisdom in consideration of this program.


Is this a monthly fee or a one time purchase?

It is a one time purchase and no additional fees. Once you purchase the program, it is yours to keep forever.

What happens when I purchase a program?

All transactions are done through Paypal. Paypal notifies Aesthetic Training Solutions of funds transferred and then an email with the workout program will be sent to your email provided by Paypal. There is usually a little time delay within a few minutes after purchase. Sometimes the delay can take a bit longer though. If you have not received your program within 12-24 hours, please message us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Aesthetic-Training-Solutions-1651920731694434/ and we will get that sent out as soon as possible.

What is in the email?

The full workout program documents and a link to a private group on Facebook. Ask to join and then your trainer or admin will add you to the private group. Once in the group, the nutrition information is found in the private group.

Can my spouse/partner do the program with me?

Yes! We highly encourage couples to do the program together. Only one purchase is necessary and we will help both of you. Please keep it to just spouses and/or partners though.

What kind of a programs are they?

All programs resistance training based program. They are designed utilizing mostly compound movements (movements that require multiple joints, i.e. presses, squatting rowing), some isolation movements (single joint manipulations, i.e. biceps, triceps) and active rests to keep the heart rate elevated for maximum calories burned. This way you can shape the entire body and reduce body fat at the same time.

If I get the home and gym version, are they different programs?

It is the same program but they are interchangeable and progress together. You may swap back and forth as you wish if you have the home and gym version. The home version is adapted to be able to utilize minimal equipment.

What do I need for equipment for the home version?

You need some Dumbbells (ideally heavy enough to challenge you), a variety of resistance bands with a door anchor and a stability ball at minimum. Anything more than this would be a bonus, but not totally necessary.

What is included in the nutrition?

We provide a nutrition template that outlines what a typical day may look like for meal structure. We provide several options for measuring food for those that don't want to count calories, to those that do and even those that want to count macronutrient grams (carbs, proteins and fats). We also provide a food swap list so that individuals may swap similar foods in and out as they please.

Example would be swapping out Oats and swapping in toast. If you don't want chicken, swap in shrimp, turkey or some other protein source.

We understand that some individuals have dietary limitations because of lactose, celiacs or even personal preference like eating vegan or vegetarian. The foods list provides that flexibility so that anyone can be successful.

Beyond these guides, your trainer will be available in private message to help you find your personal needs for your goals.

What if I don't know what an exercise is?

We have recorded over 500 exercise demo's that are a 5 rep demo of the exercise. Every exercise has a hyperlink attached to the exercise. Assuming you have an internet connection, all you will need to do is click the exercise and a video demo will play.

How long can I stay in the private group?

As long as you wish! There is no time limit and we won't kick you out unless you are misbehaving routinely.

If I post or comment in the private group, will it show up in my FB news feed where everyone can see it?

No. It is a private group. Only people that have been accepted in the group will be able to see anything that is posted or commented on inside of the group page.

Are there any refunds?

No. All sales are final.

What if I accidentally delete the email with the program in it?

No worries! Just notify us and we will resend the program.